On Healing In General

Lately, I felt an inner urge to resume helping sick people. This reopening led me to write down some general thoughts on healing, as I see it. I don’t want to discuss specific methods and / or ways of healing, I just would like to outline some general directions since in my opinion if a person wants to heal up, the way chosen doesn’t really matter. (Unless they lie with some serious injuries at the scene of an accident, in which case herbs wouldn’t do much on the spot.)

There are many ways to heal up, all of which may present a solution to the problem. (Obvious frauds not included, I’m talking about methods that actually work.)

However, I think that a healing method in itself cannot lead to the ultimate solution.

Because most people’s thoughts nowadays remain on the physical plane, healing is also imagined in matter.

If you are an exception, you can stop reading this article. You don’t need to continue.

On the other hand, if you’re the majority, I might be able to provide you with some helpful thoughts.

What do I mean by suggesting that most people imagine healing taking place in matter? Even psychology talks about consciousness and soul, and many spiritual schools also practice the healing of the soul.

That is true. However, most of these concern consciousness and soul in general and without context and interactions, and – if we examine them in practice – often in a completely unsubstantiated way. (If the healer you found is an exception to this, you can stop reading. You are in good hands, and you don’t need to continue with this article.)

What are my thoughts on this, you ask? First of all. To be able to heal up, you need to know why you got sick in the first place. This is obvious. But your understanding of this must go beyond the physical.

You must know who you are, what you represent in this world, your interactions with the world, its laws and life as the order of creation. Of course, not in a religious, but in a real sense. What your attitude as a transfer of energy causes in the world, and how this effect affects you. After all, you are what you operate in this world, what comes into existence because of you. You are not what you think about yourself or what others associate you with. Thus, even if you lack a complete understanding of the laws of life, you need to understand them in connection with your problem to make a complete healing possible. I’ll get back to this later.

So, you and the world are interconnected in every moment. Through every thought, movement, desire, fear and action. Through all of this, you act on the world as energy, while similarly to Newton’s third law, this also has an effect on you.

And I’m not only talking about the effect your matter has on the physical world.

Quantum physics proved a long time ago that human consciousness has an impact on the world. It transfers and moves energy. The conscious energy focused by intention can physically manifest itself in our world.

Matter is also energy. Your body included. Energy is influenced by consciousness through intention. This leads to changes and interactions, an aspect of which is physical manifestation. NOT THE CAUSE, AN ASPECT! Hence, illness appears due to the energy transfered by your consciousness. Because your consciousness is malfunctioning compared to the laws of life.

This causes the physical healing to remain transient. The energy damage, the inappropriate (inappropriate is not an ethical concept here, it means “not aligned with the laws of life”) energy flow also reconstructs the physical problem in time, as the physical manifestation of energy.

If I heal the body, consciousness certainly observes certain processes, and draws conclusions regarding its flaws, and in this way, the healing of the body also affects consciousness, the energy system. However, it will not produce ultimate and complete results by itself.

Thus, healing may only take place on the level of consciousness, for which I must understand and remedy the effects I created and got me into this situation.

But how can you observe this if you have no healer around you who is tuned to the Laws of Creation and is able to empty him-/herself and reflect these laws to you in the form of energy and teachings, so you can comprehend your incorrectness?

I will attempt to convey some guidelines to you which you can incorporate into your methods if they resonate with you.

If you don’t have the right attitude or your viewpoint is inaccurate, chances are that the method which healed thousands will fail in your case, because you don’t know the causes, the underlying law.

If you want to heal up permanently, you cannot examine your mindset, your feelings and emotions or your physical symptoms in and of themselves. Your thoughts stem from your brain activity, your feelings and emotions come from hormonal and neural processes, thus these are all part of your body. All of this is matter and, consequently, a symptom. The cause is not an emotional problem. It is the energy disruption triggering the emotional problem. Something that is wrong in your attitude. Something that prevents the free flow of energy between you and the world.

Something that is your responsibility!

Your consciousness, your soul, your feelings and emotions are not the same as the mental and emotional functions of your body. Since I’ve already discussed this topic elsewhere, I won’t go into details here. (Find out more on the Égi Út website) I will only take a small detour to demonstrate the difference. Your soul is your unity with the Creator, your basic pattern, and if you follow it, you can become more and more holistic in one field. A light that always indicates your path towards the Creator. Hence it cannot get sick. In my view, soul sickness is when you deviate from this light, and waste the energy that is provided to you for bringing this into existence on something else, and by doing so, you damage life and nurture something that is against life. Your soul isn’t sick. It is your opposition to the law and turning your back on your soul that is making you sick.

Spiritual causes do not work in the way we think they do.

Nowadays, the basic rule that ‘you are responsible for your own life’ is very unpopular.

Matter reacts to your consciousness, your intention, your attitude. Hence you are not a victim.

Your illness is not caused by some external and / or random factors.

Moreover, the accidents you get into are also far from accidental. The same goes also for the attacks against you and the injuries you sustain.

You are not born with birth defects and / or disabilities due to external factors! Even if your mother used drugs, it is not a coincidence that you were born into those circumstances!

All of this is a result of your attitude and actions.

A small detour: To understand this, we need to acknowledge that the basis of Life is not matter. Life is not measured in physical lives or in births. Life is measured in infinite energy cycles where the development of a being is sometimes best served by being born into matter.

Matter is not a requirement of life, it is merely a space for experience.

Hence the learning curve stretches over multiple lives.

However, if our thinking is restricted to the material, our slavery to the approaches and interpretations of our minds and emotions (both born from our bodies) will prevent us from reaching this life-overarching system of consequences. All the hardships, tribulations will seem aimless and pointless, life becomes random and the ‘God acts in mysterious ways’-type explanations emerge.

Let’s continue with our main topic. In every moment, people are responsible for all their actions. You are responsible for all your actions in every moment!

The Creator does not create a being with free will and the power to create, and allow that being to use these gifts in any way harming any living thing without any responsibility. All our actions define the world, hence we continue the creation of the world on this level, where we are present.

And all of this also affects us, so that we feel the responsibility, and understand the ways of creation through it. This is no punishment. It’s a gift. The gift of learning.

No one is tasked with the punishment of man, since free will comes with full responsibility regardless the fact that the man of today is unwilling to notice this. If you oppose the law of boundless creation, it will be your life that is breaking instead of the law. Whether you learn from it or continue suffering, it is your choice.

The sooner we accept that we made ourselves sick, that we are not some miraculous creatures, that we are completely out of alignment – or only aligned to a minuscule degree – with our own soul and our divine quality, the sooner the healing can start.

Sickness always appears where there is disharmony between you and the Law of Creation. Because you oppose it and do not embrace the life flowing within the confines of the Law.

Thus, in the absence of it, you slowly decay. This decay manifests within your body where that law or power which you’ve become unable to embrace physically manifests itself. (If you were to understand and operate this area on a high level, you would radiate this aspect of the law and life through this area of your body into the physical plane.

Your actions have an effect on you. You waste power somewhere, you take something you are not entitled to and harm life by doing so. All this is about energies. If you take, you create a vacuum in the world which will also draw energy from you. The Law of Life restores balance. For example: you suffer an accident. Or, in your next life, you will be born with a handicap that strips you of the space where you were able to get energy without working for it, so you can experience what you have caused with this.

This is not a punishment. Remember, everyone learns this way in the beginning! Also, do not judge anyone based on this! And do not pity yourself because of this! If you are not conscious, you don’t assume responsibility for yourself and you are only drifting, than the first greater force will wash you away. And these forces will break you, like the rocks that you are smashed against near the shore in a storm. This is also caused by you, because you don’t want to recognize and accept your responsibility.

In life, all is about the flow of forces. If you flow with creation, you will become more and more whole. If you don’t, you cut yourself off from life to a growing extent, you’ll become sick and eventually die.

Unfortunately, nowadays people who are looking for these laws have a hard time finding their way back to them. That’s because the current Zeitgeist, the human mindset, ideologies, moral / religious convictions and worldview are usually completely out of touch with life as the laws operating the force.

Instead they equate man with matter, weigh man in matter, and as I stated above, stare uncomprehendingly at every phenomenon of human life that goes beyond matter. With such a background, people looking for ways of healing have truly a hard time finding them.

For it is impossible to develop a complete understanding on what and how affects man if one has only matter in mind, so one will be incapable of learning and correcting their errors.

Of course some may say that all this Zeitgeist is created by outside forces, it is the work of the Devil, the plan of the powers behind the scenes, etc. However, even if this is so, no man with a free will could be ruled in such a way, if that person does not make the decision to be a part of it. Thus, people suffering from the impact of these outside forces got into their situation because somewhere along the way they decided to do so, and aligned themselves with these forces. However, this is the illness of society rather than that of the individual, on which I perhaps will go into more detail in a later article.

The Zeitgeist tells you what is good, what is bad, what you can and can’t say, think and do. We are programmed in such a way from birth. But these are not the right perspectives born from realistic conclusions based on experience, but mostly fictions coming from the matter-based mechanic functioning of the brain. Whatever is good for you, you consider it good. Whatever is good based on your religion or the moral attitude of your social environment. And it doesn’t even occur to you to examine what effects this good brings into the world in context. And how the practice of this affects you. You consider it bad if someone isn’t nice, does not live according to your moral principles, yet you fail to examine what effects their action bring into the world (not to the illusionary world of the Zeitgeist, but the real world).

You are not even really aware of how reality works.

If you are unable to see through that at least in the field your illness stems from, if you search for the Zeitgeist solution instead of searching for reality by comparing the results of your actions (of that which you truly are, right now, since you are representing it) with the laws of the world, you will never heal up. You may recover temporarily, but your problem won’t cease to exist.

If your consciousness drifts away from reality, you drift away from the flow of life and your own soul which is the key to your connection with the Creator. You’ll find yourself in an illusion that is legitimized by the Zeitgeist, contemporary morals, general societal and religious attitude, but remains an illusion of the Zeitgeist nontheless. It does not nourish you, teach you, it only takes from you since it feeds on those who devote their power to it (that’s what it was created for by the forces who fight to rule over human consciousness).

Every moment you spend without being present in life takes you closer to death and devours your life. Life’s not there to entertain you!

Practically every time you are daydreaming, exploring scenes born from anxieties and desires, thinking about things you are not present in, you die a little.

Because while you do that, you are disconnected from life. You attach yourself to illusions, you attach yourself to matter. Because your connection to life, to the Law is not automatic! It is only consciousness (and conscious presence) that connects infinity to matter in man.

You can be one with your power only if your consciousness focuses on truly living in the moment, in the experience and the lesson Creation wants you to learn in that moment, instead of focusing on the illusions taught about that. Then you will not get sick anymore.

Yoga is a good example. It used to teach this kind of presence and how to use breathing to transfer into your body the life force experienced through that presence and how to make that and your consciousness flexible to embrace life and move with it. But nowadays most places (of course, not all of them) reduced it to a number of movements on a physical level, and some illusionary concepts.

Live life, live in the moment and examine the effects in their unfiltered reality instead of looking at them through the perspectives ingrained through your upbringing. Just strive to do this. Have a close look at cause and effect in your life, and tune yourself to your soul to make your decisions based on the divine direction. Let it guide you. This is what “Do not judge” is all about. Do not interpret and decide based on the judgement pounded into you by the Zeitgeist. Use your real experiences and let the Law of Creation be the measure of it. If you act accordingly, your power won’t fade, no negative flow can grab hold of you, thus you will not fall ill.

Since all illness is the result of me not being one with life, thus I am not rejuvenated by it, on the contrary, I invest the power granted to me for life and creation into ungodly purposes, hence life does not pervade me because I turn away from it, and I have free will.

If you don’t know where and how you should begin your search for its laws, you can visit the following webpage: http://egiut.hu/a-tizparancsolat/

Once you identified the error, go ahead and correct it.

Realization in itself does not bring about healing. It is beneficial because without realization you cannot change anything, however, if you want to heal up, you must balance the inbalance you’ve caused with you incorrect operations. Remember, you robbed and wasted huge amounts of energy, damaging life in the process. You cannot get rid of this until you return this energy, so you can learn how valuable it is. You must repay all of your debt and live the consequences. No excuses.

You making a mistake isn’t a huge deal, there’s no need for remorse or self pity. This is the way of human progress. For all of us. It’s a process. But do not try to skip it.

The more you chase illusions, the more time you spend pursuing the Zeitgeist’s expectations and wait for a miracle – because you are a “good person” – without working to find a solution, the more you will get in trouble and the more energy you will need to correct the error.

If you want to know more about this cause and effect relationship, you might want to read this thread: http://egiut.hu/a-karma-alapjai/

Or go ahead and watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1sHR6_uisU&t=106

For healing to take place you need to understand the law against which you turned, which is the root cause of your problem. If you do not understand the law, it’s on you, get used to that thought, and don’t expect me or anyone else to solve your problem, but make some effort to understand it.

Then get to know where, on what account and through which attitude you are opposing the law.

Subsequently, correct that, accept the consequences of your deeds, and learn from it.

– One more time. Healing does not depend on the Zeitgeist or the concepts of human benevolence and appropriateness. The Law does not care about you being a good person according to the Zeitgeist. Or you failing to proclaim that the poor sick is responsible for their own situation just because you are being considerate. What good does this hypocrisy do?

The Law cares about what force you align yourself with and what you oppose. It affects you based on this, creates your opportunities and your limits. There is no good and bad in this. These concepts were created by man, and they do not apply to the cause and effect – i.e. the order – of creation.

You must understand that this attitude is no judgment. Awareness of responsibility and confronting someone with it as a healer is not about me denying help to someone because I condemn them. Everyone experiences almost everything in their lives to learn the Law of Life. Me included, I am not better in any way. So, if I can, I will aid them on this journey. However, if I lie to them saying that they bear no responsibility whatsoever for their problem because their flawless, then I also cannot see where I should help them, what needs correction in their lives. Conservation of their flaw through outside support does not constitute help. This is what the “When a man is hungry, it is better to teach him to fish than to give him a fish” saying is all about.

Responsibility is not about judgment. It’s about me not sticking my head in the sand to avoid looking at the real causes because that might hurt the artificial, Zeitgeist-serving self image/ego of the ‘poor victim’. Instead I confront them with their errors to make improvement possible. This does not mean that I condemn them for these error. However, no man has ever permanently escaped their responsibility or the consequences of their actions! This is Karma itself. The sooner someone understands this, the sooner they will free themselves from it. True help is you helping with this.

Side note: That’s why anyone who offers karma cleansing is a fraud. Even the Divine Incarnations create karma if they err, and even the Creator did not break its Law to clear those karmic debts. These people are either ignorant or lying and they might think that they are better than God since they falsely claim to overwrite God’s Laws.

And now let’s talk about the Healer.

The best Healer is the person who learned to stay indifferent, and already understands the Order of Creation in any field. Besides the physical healing, such a Healer shows, just like an empty mirror, the specific Law of Creation you are infringing upon, and also the root cause and the consequences of this infringement. They confront you without judging you, so you’re able to change and learn. Should the Healer be such a person, the method they use does not really matter because it will work anyway.

And they will not teach you that your illness is random, that it is not your fault, that you shouldn’t change or that your change comprises wallowing in the tangled web of your emotions and thoughts, so you should revisit and analyze them. Such a healing will trap you in matter and mind. It will cut you off from the light, learning and reaching harmony with Creation itself. Because it legitimizes your current state, conserves you in it and does not dare to call you out on your faith regarding your own perfection, or it does not want you to see beyond this faith. To understand who you really are.

Thus, you will never heal permanently.

That’s why it is important for the Healer to be a priest at the same time (not in the religious, but in the real sense, someone who is able to represent the Law of Creation), tuned to Creation. Because – if they decide to do healing work – it is their job to show you the order in the Law or Creation, the effect it has on you and the consequences of your attitude. Only through this they will be able to show you a permanent and complete escape route from illness. That is, of course, hand in hand with physical therapy.

For now, that is all I wanted to say in general on the topic of healing. I will continue this subject later, until then, use this if you feel like it resonates with you.

Szabolcs Mészáros